Must Read Map 4 - All fresh
Alright guys, I have left you all out of the loop for about a couple of weeks and I haven't updated a lot of what our server holds.

Over the past two weeks that we have been whitelisted our development team has fixed the following issues:

- Reclaim & TPS overloads.
- Server Timeouts.
- Delayed scoreboard timers.
- Scoreboard buffer errors.
- Kits & Crates.
- Spawn protection & Faction data backups enhanced.
- Factions limit display errors & bypasses.
- External plugin dupe glitches.
- Backdoor issues.
- Connection (location-based.)
- Whitelist. (No one will be accessing the server before SOTW!)
- Teamspeak ranks & rooms.
- Discord bots freezing.
- Forum bot clearing.

And there are still plenty of more issues that have been patched.

Map 4 Information
Map 4 will be live Sunday, July 1st, @ 2:00PM ET (Eastern Time.)

- Protection 2.
- Sharpness 2.
- Invisibility enabled.

Faction Limit:
- 5 man factions.
- Allies are disabled.

Twitter Giveaway
If you want to enter our giveaway on Twitter for a possible Sapphire rank! Then follow the link below:

Staff Applications
We are currently in need of staff members in the EU & AU region, if you are in these regions you are more likely to be accepted onto the staff team.

if you are not EU / AU you can still submit a staff application and have a decent chance but they increase as we are in need of those regions specifically.

And here is some general ways of communication if you have any questions:
- Join our discord:
- Join our Teamspeak:
- Ask on the forums:
- Use /helpop ingame: or
After several months of development we bring you a map to finally enjoy on the Network. This map will serve as Map 3 as well as a Beta Map to make sure everything is performing well and we can have a smooth successful official release.


SOTW will be this Sunday, June 17th, 2018.

Our mapkit will be P2, S2.
Our Faction limit will be 5 man factions.
Invisibility & Debuffs are enabled.

We are now currently recruiting staff members to do their job upon SOTW to make sure we can get the most efficient support to our players. We are recruiting all regions so you have the same chance.

You must be 14, however if you are 13 and have an excellent application & history with the server then you will have a chance, though lower.

There will be a 75% OFF SALE on our store for this event to give back to our community.

We will not be disabling building in combat however, and any other form of trapping will be permitted. And you may be able to block off the head in a trap to make it 2 high but you cannot put them into a 1x1.
Must Read Closing
First off, I want to start by saying thank you all for playing and enjoying our server for the past few months and it means a lot to me that you guys would come back daily to play with a few of your favorite youtubers and players of PotsHQ.

Why did we close?
There are many reasons as to why PotsHQ has closed, here's a little list of reasons we did.

- Expenses
- Advertisement
- Reputation
- Attacks (Though, if we reopened our servers this would not be a problem.)

Will PotsHQ come back?
There's a future, PotsHQ is not over. If we are looking to reopen its planned during the Summer of 2018, now I know that sounds far away but the time will be special as it is when we originally released.

Issues have been solved, we look to the future and we are excited. With a reopening we will be taking a turn on our servers. Most likely more Hardcore gamemodes and less Softcore.

Can we purchase the server?
Simple as this, no.

Will the Forums & Teamspeak stay?
Teamspeak has been down for several days and the Forums will most likely stay until we feel a need to shut it down.

PotsHQ is closing it’s doors
Alright guys, this is the one I've wanted to say for a while -

PotsHQ is not gone forever, we are temporarily closing until we find reason to open it. If you are looking for updates check out our Forums & Twitter and we may come up with something new.

Thank you all for your help in making PotsHQ a success.

Peace out <3

I have an announcement that will excite several and disappoint others.

To compete with other servers, we will be making ourselves a whole lot different. A lot of new features will be coming to our servers, some of our current will be discarded.

Some of our top priorities will be to fix current issues. Here are some already fixed:

- Bungee Exploit
- Database exploits
- Permissions
- Pearls
- Timer accuracy
- Advancements
- Lobby redecoration
- Management
- Knockback and Potions.
- Issues with Factions.
- Several other minor issues

A major topic I want to explain is our decision to go Hardcore lives, crates, kits will all be discarded. We will keep some new features.


Lives will only be attainable by two ways one being Supply Crates, which will he accessable to all users.

Lives can be purchased, but not for cheap. An example of what it wouldn’t be is 20 lives for 30 cents.

1 dollar for 1 life. We also do bundles, for example 5 lives for 4.50.

Kits will not be accessible other than starter.

Which is the following:
  • Baked potatoes: 32x
  • Fishing rod: 1x
  • Iron pickaxe: 1x
From the looks of it, yes you will have to mine for materials however there will be pluses to mining for example:

We will be boosting the average amount
of diamonds found during mining by 75% nearly double.

We will also increase other ores, such as gold, emerald and lapis.

Like mention we will not have crates (other than supply crates.)

Supply Crates:

Everyone has a fair chance, this will be our most eula compliant server aside from Kitmap where ranks on both servers mainly obtain cosmetic value. However we do tend to go against the eula a bit on our other servers.

There will be only one item that you can
recieve and it’s lives. We will have 3 supply crates with 1 life in each. They will be somewhere around the map and it’s your easiest way to obtain free lives.

Rank Value

I’m sure there is a lot of concern with ranks and their values are. We want to make this the hardest of our servers and will make ranks nearly useless.

You will receive your rank and all perks listed on the webstore. However you will not have benefit over any player during SOTW other than queue priority.

Here are the cosmetic perks of some ranks (global not just to HCF)

- Prefix changes. Customize your prefix with colors and symbols you can choose.

- Colored chat, this will be limited to 3 colors. (&c, &e, &a)

- /fly on the hub.

- Ability to host events, also known as KOTHS on Kitmap. You will be given access to use the command once an event that is live is over. You will be limited to 1 event ever 6 hours. Therefore it’s fair to every rank. And players cannot get bored whilst playing.

- Ability to host Sumo Events. (On Kitmap, with a cooldown of 5 minutes.) Coming soon, and with more events.

- Dedicated office (You will have a room for your rank, though only our 3 highest ranks. Same for Discord)

On our Hardcore server we will have 12 minute KOTHS, our Mapkit and Faction Limit is:

8 Man factions, 1 ally. (Max 16 people.)

Protection 2, Sharness 3, Fire aspect 1.

We will have an SOTW Timer, 1 hour. Though we are keeping some Softcore
aspects we are staying true to the name.


This will be an interesting one, we will be having a server that is “P2W” standing
for “Pay 2 Win.” This is reach out to the side of the community who enjoys how easy servers are nowadays.

We will have crates, keys and yes kits. We will be having GKits, now we will be limiting what you can obtain, for example here are the enchants that are not accepted: Speed 2, (you can have Speed one) Fire Resistance, and Auto Repair. Any others are accepted unless reviewed and removed.

All cosmetic features on the Hardcore server will transfer over as well as addition for some Softcore features.

You will have reclaims with lives and keys. You must purchase kits as a secondary item on our webstore.

Kits will not be above Mapkit and will not contain a full pot-loadout.

We will have a 3 hour SOTW Timer as well as 5 minute KOTHS.

Our mapkit and Faction Limit will be:

5 Man factions, 1 ally (Max 10 people.)
Protection 2, Sharpness 2.

Both Hardcore & Softcore SOTW’s will not be much different.

One major similarity is that during both servers SOTW you can play Practice or Kitmap while queuing.

We will have advertisement for both servers and work to compete and try new

My final announcement will change a lot of our server. We will be limiting gameplay to only 1.7 clients. We’ve noticed a lot of newer hacked clients use 1.8 as the version and limiting makes it harder to cheat. We are also doing this because it makes Invis Raiding a part of HCF once again.

There will be more features and updates in the future when we near the Summer of 2018.
As you might have seen, PotsHQ has recently went under some major difficulties and errors in running as a whole.
Here's a changelog of everything that we have went out of our way to fix.

- Scoreboard (Kills & Deaths not going up nor down.)
- Revamped the signs.
- You can no longer generate lag by spamming the kit signs (added a cooldown.)
- Fixed a few enderpearl glitches, some may remain for a little while longer.
- Spawn is fully claimed (I know, we missed a spot lol.)

- Our official hub is now there. (No more test.)
- You can no longer damage the hub.
- Server selection and other tools have been modified.
- If you fall in the void you get teleported back to spawn.

- Revamp.
- Whitelisted.
- In development. + Getting rid of "AirHCF" awful idea.

Staff Team
- Improved.
- Demoted a lot of incapable staff members.
- Promoted active, devoted, hard working members of our team.

- Included more arenas (you should no longer see "there are no more arenas.")
- Configuration redone.

- Logging in glitch fixed.
- MOTD updated.
- Logo rescaled and re uploaded.

I know there are a lot of bugs, and these are just some that we have fixed. We are looking for more and if you have found one please report it to us either on the forums. Or contacting us on Telegram. (@castrmc or @proximity.)

We wouldn't have been able to see these bugs if it weren't for you guys, yes I know there are a wide amount of issues, but they are getting slowly dealt with.
Must Read PotsHQ 2.0 Release
Our trailer has been posted.

Copy Video Title:

PotsHQ 2.0 Official Release | SOTW Saturday at 2 PM EST

Copy Description:


PotsHQ Practice and HCF release this Saturday at 2 PM EST!
Kitmap open now!


If you reupload the trailer, you will receive 2 keys on SOTW.
Must Read We are back.
Me and @Cough are now owners of PotsHQ again.

If you didn't know both me and Cough are just castr and dhadie the original owners of PotsHQ.

All the announcements from before are still in progress. This is just a quick announce about how we will be back to owning PotsHQ.

Our planned release is really soon, really soon.
Must Read Map One.
Hey guys, when the posts had cleared we had lost valuable information.

Map 1 -
Saturday, July 15th.
2:00 PM EST.

We will be giving away 2 VIP ranks & 1 OG rank.

The mapkit will be: Sharp 1, Prot 1.
Invis is enabled.

Make sure the reupload our trailer for a key on SOTW.

Do it in this format with the exact title, description, and trailer. The download link is there. If you reupload you will get a key, make an off topic post with the link to your video and your IGN please.